Chopin Museum

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Chopin Museum

EUR 6 per person

walking-warsawAt the Chopin Museum, you can learn all about the life of the musical genius and enjoy classical sounds in cosy music boxes. The museum is on our list of the Best Museums in Warsaw.

Short description of the exhibition

T he Chopin Museum provides a comprehensive presentation of the life and artistic endeavors of the Polish musical prodigy in a thorough and clear manner. The exhibition is categorized into three sections:

Ground Floor: Warsaw Era

First Floor: Parisian Phase

Basement: Frédéric Chopin’s role as a composer and pianist

A notable feature is the inclusion of Chopin’s Pleyel piano from his later years (First Floor). Furthermore, visitors have the opportunity to view various personal items of the pianist, including a golden watch presented to him by Angelika Catalani. The museum also offers the chance to experience Chopin’s compositions through designated music boxes (Ground Floor).

What particularly captivates us is the liberty to explore the museum in any sequence. Guests are free to navigate through the museum at their own pace.

We have endorsed the museum as one of Warsaw’s finest for a valid reason. Its contemporary design and provision of accurate, verified information about Chopin and Warsaw from the first half of the 19th century make it stand out.

The building of the museum

T he museum palace itself is truly captivating. Dating back to the latter half of the 17th century, the Ostrogski Palace stands out with a splendid terrace overlooking the Vistula Valley on its east side. Additionally, an elegant reception courtyard, adorned with a circular staircase, leads to the main entrance on the west side.

In the tumultuous times of World War II, the palace endured significant damage, but it underwent meticulous reconstruction according to the authentic designs crafted by Tilman van Gameren.

Topic of the exhibition
Life and genius of Frédéric Chopin
Space and time
Warsaw and Paris 1810 - 1849
Warsaw touristic area
Yes | Royal Route (Nowy Swiat street)
Okolnik 1, 00-368 Warszawa
Email for tickets
Contakt (Information)
+48 22 44 16 274 (phone)
Telephone ticket office
+48 22 44 16 251 / 252
Opening hours
Tue - Sun | 10am - 6pm
Last entrance
5.15 pm
Duration of visit (private)
2 hours
Language of the descriptions
Polish and English
Payment methods
Cash and card
Internal museum guides
Yes | English and Polish | Reservation via +48224416251/252 or mail to bilety.muzeum@nifc.pl
Other languages: List available on the website of the museum
Minimum 3 working days in advance

Guided tour with us

Price (without entrance)
75 €
90 Min.
German, English or Polish
Max. group size
+48 507 980 921 (mob/WhatsApp/SMS)
+48 22 567 66 97 (landline)

Admission prices

Free entrance
25 PLN
15 PLN
From 15 persons
20 / 10 PLN
Family ticket (max. 6 people)
65 PLN
ISIC card
Yes (up to 26 years)

Website of the museum

The museum is located in the Ostrogski Palace, for which we have prepared a separate overview.

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Buy e-ticket on website of museum


For people with reduced mobility, especially wheelchair users, there are lifts that allow access to all levels of the museum. There is a bell in Tamka Street so that someone from the reception can come to help.

It is best to announce the need for assistance before visiting the museum by email or phone: +48 22 44 16 251 / 252 | bilety.muzeum@nifc.pl.

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