Museum of Life in PRL (Communism in Poland)

Price EUR 7 Inner City South | Entrance: 7€
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Museum of Life in PRL (Communism in Poland)

EUR 7 per person

communism-museum-warsawA museum where the topic of life under communism in the People´s Republik of Poland (PRL) is processed with humor, yet treated with the necessary seriousness. It is a private museum, allowing limited interference from politics and politicians.

Short description of the exhibition

T he Museum of Life under Communism (in Poland) in Warsaw is a distinctive destination that immerses visitors in the absurdity of the period spanning from 1944 to 1989. What triggers nostalgic sentiments for older Poles transforms into a captivating exploration for those who missed living through that era. Authentic relics, artifacts, and narratives from daily life allow you to intimately encounter the distinctiveness of that historical period.

The museum holds special appeal for the younger generation, offering both intrigue and education.

Why do we recommend this museum?

T he PRL Museum amusingly displays the idiosyncrasies of the communist era, specifically socialist realism. We suggest securing a museum guide to elucidate the peculiar wisdom of life during that period. Encounter empty store shelves, long lines, bartering vodka for meat vouchers, and more – relive the daily experiences of that time. Even without a guide, the museum offers a delightful experience. It’s of just the right scale, and we especially appreciate the communist bar at the conclusion, where you can buy confectionery from that era. A small counter is also present, but in accordance with historical accuracy, only spirits are offered for sale there.

This museum is on our list of the Best Museums in Warsaw.

Topic of the exhibition
Life in the People´s Republic of Poland (Communism; Social Realism)
Space and time
People´s Republic of Poland 1944 - 1989
In the touristic area?
Yes | Inner-City South
Contact (museum)
+48 511 044 808 (mobile)
Piekna 28/34, 00-547 Warszawa
How to get?
METRO: The metro station "Politechnika" is 700 m away
ON FOOT: 1,2 km away from the Palace of Culture (Centre)
Opening hours
Mon+Thu | 10am - 6pm
Fri | 12pm - 8pm
Sat + Sun | 10am - 6pm
Last entrance
30 minutes before closing time
Yes (only English)
In-house museum guides
Yes | Only English
Duration of visit
1 hour
Language of descriptions
Polish | English
Payment methods
Cash and card payment

Our tips in the vicinity

Constitution Square (Plac Konstytucji)

In Warsaw, there are only two structures built in the spirit of socialist realist architecture: the Palace of Culture and Science and Constitution Square (Plac Konstytucji). The PRL Museum is located right next to the square. You can see the overwhelming size and expansiveness of these construction projects, unfortunately also the incompleteness and inconsistency. As was often the case in communism, the theory never quite matched reality.

So, take a look around, as the square completes the theme of socialist realism.

Guided tour with us

Price without entrance
75 €
1 hour
German or English
Max. group size
+48 507 980 921 (mob/WhatsApp/SMS)
or via e.mail: info@walkingwarsaw.com

Admission prices

26 PLN
18 PLN
17 / 20 PLN per person
Mobile app (Google Play)
ISIC card
Warsaw Pass

There is an audio guide app available for mobile phones (only for Android systems), which you can download onto your phone in advance. Upon entering, you will receive a QR code that allows you to launch the app.

Website of the museum


Unfortunately, the museum is not wheelchair accessible. It is located on the first floor and does not have an elevator.

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