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Museum in Warsaw

H ere is a compilation of noteworthy museums in Warsaw that merit exploration. We’ve categorized them based on their respective locations and provided a brief tourist summary for each museum. Access the Google Map with marked locations through the provided link.

The historical City Center

Old Town

No tours match your criteria

North of the Old Town

Historical New Town

No tours match your criteria

The most beautiful avenue in Warsaw

Royal Route

Touristic overview
Royal Route | Entrance: 3,6€
Touristic overview
Royal Route | Entrance: 6€

National Museum

EUR 5.5
Touristic Overview
Royal Route | Entrance: 5,5€
Around the Palace of Culture

Inner City (Centre)

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Inner City North

Inner City North | Entrance: 4€

Inner City South

Inner City South | Entrance: 7€

Warsaw Business District (Wola)

Touristic overview
Business District (Wola)
Jewish Heritage in Warsaw

Muranow (former Jewish Ghetto)

Muranow (Jewish Ghetto 40-43)

Vistula Boulevard (Powisle)

Touristic overview
Vistula Boulevard (Powisle) | Entrance: 10€
Right side of the river

Warsaw Praga

Touristic overview
Praga district | Entrance: 16€

Neon Museum

Touristic overview
Praga district | Entrance: 4€

Outside the Warsaw touristic area

No tours match your criteria

Outside of Warsaw

No tours match your criteria

W elcome to Warsaw, a city drenched in historical significance and overflowing with cultural diversity. Whether you’re an aficionado of the past, an admirer of the arts, or simply intrigued by the essence of this lively city, Warsaw’s assortment of museums presents a tapestry of enriching encounters.

This thoughtfully curated compilation of Warsaw’s museums extends an invitation to embark on an illuminating odyssey through the city’s multifaceted cultural fabric. Each museum provides a distinct viewpoint, encouraging you to plunge into the depths of Warsaw’s history, art, science, and cultural legacy. Immerse yourself in the core of this extraordinary city by exploring its museums and unraveling the narratives that have molded Warsaw into the dynamic metropolis it stands as today.

Don’t forget to also venture into our extensive assortment of attractions, culinary delights, and the pulsating music and nightlife scene.

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