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City guide Antoni


City guide Antoni

City guide and founder of Free Tour by Walking Warsaw


Antoni was born in Poland, raised in Germany, and now calls Warsaw home. Despite originally planning to pursue a career in law following his studies at the universities of Bielefeld (Germany) and Warsaw, life took him on a different path! In 2013, he obtained his city guide license, initially as a hobby, but this venture evolved into a true calling within the tourism industry. In April 2017, he took the leap and established his own company, where he amalgamates all his experiences and escapades. His aim was to provide all prospective visitors to Warsaw with a comprehensive and well-structured insight into the city. Alongside other remarkable individuals, he co-founded Free Tours by Walking Warsaw. His aspiration is to achieve this through this website.

In Warsaw, Antoni leads tours in German and the majority of walking tours in English. Should you wish to personally meet him, you are welcome to book one of the Free Walking Tours or opt for a private tour.

Languages: German | Polish | English

Born on: 27/10/1984
Education: University of Bielefeld (Germany), University of Warsaw (Poland)
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