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City guide and organiser Antoni Wladyka


City guide and organiser Antoni Wladyka

City guide and founder of Free Tour Warsaw


Antoni was born in Poland, grew up in Germany and today he is at home in Warsaw. The initial plan was to become a lawyer after his study at the universities of Bielefeld (Germany) and Warsaw. But things turned out completely differently! After acquiring his city guide license in 2013 (it was only supposed to be a hobby), the profession in the tourism industry developed into his vocation. In April 2017, he finally founded his own company, where he collects all his experiences and adventures. He wanted to offer all potential guests in Warsaw a mature and organised overview of the city. Together with other wonderful people Free Tours Warsaw was founded and is part of the Walking Poland Group. Hopefully, he could accomplish this with this website.

In Warsaw, Antoni guides all tours in German and most of the walking tours in English. If you want to meet him personally, feel free to book one of the Free Walking Tours or choose a private tour.

Languages: German | Polish | English

Born on: 27/10/1984
Education: University of Bielefeld (Germany), University of Warsaw (Poland)
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