Jewish Warsaw | Free Tour

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Jewish Warsaw | Free Tour

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Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Start: 1.30am

free-tour-warsaw-must-seeJoin us for a captivating journey through Jewish Warsaw on our complimentary guided tour. Immerse yourself in the rich history of Polish Jews, spanning from their illustrious Golden Era to the profound and tragic Holocaust of World War II. Book your spot now for this enlightening Free Tour experience.

What you can expect

U ntil 1939, Warsaw held a distinguished status as a prominent hub of Jewish orthodoxy. A significant 30% of the city’s population was of Jewish origin, with Yiddish as their cherished mother tongue. Figures of remarkable influence, including Menahem Begin, Ludwik Zamenhof (the visionary behind Esperanto), and the pianist Władysław Szpilman, renowned from Roman Polanski’s “The Pianist,” exemplify the deep-rooted connections between Warsaw and these luminaries.

How did Warsaw ascend to become the global epicenter of Jewish culture? What was the location of the Ghetto district? Who were the valiant heroes of the Jewish Uprising? And what characterizes contemporary Jewish life in Warsaw? Answers to these inquiries, along with many others, await you on our complimentary walking tour.

While traces of the Jewish ghetto are becoming scarce, indelible symbols of Jewish presence in Warsaw continue to resonate. Embark on our Jewish Walking Tour, an illuminating exploration that unveils the lesser-known realm of this vibrant city.

Meeting point

Address English tour: Plac Zamkowy 1, 00-001 Warszawa

The meeting point is on the Castle Square (Plac Zamkowy) in front of the 22m high Sigismund´s Column.

The guide has an orange umbrella!

What are Free Tours?
Free Tours are guided tours, which everyone can join. They are tip based, everyone decides how much and if he wants to tip the guide.
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 1.30pm
English or German (to be chosen on booking calendar)
2,5 hours
3,8 km
Big Ghetto area, Krasinski Park, remains of Nalewski Street, Ghetto Wall monument, Ghetto uprising monument, Bunker at the Mila Street 18, Umschlagplatz memorial

Cancellation policy

This is a Free Tour, so cancellation conditions are not necessary. However, we would be very grateful if you could inform us if you are unable to attend so that we do not have to wait for you unnecessarily. Thank you for your understanding.

Image © City of Warsaw

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TUE, THU, SAT at 1.30pm


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